What’s an unforced error in tennis?

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Tennis is a precision sport. That’s why errors are considered normal and an acceptable part of the game. However, one expression sounds especially curious: the unforced error. So what does it mean and when does this type of error happen? Let’s find out!

What’s an “unforced error”?

Unforced error is a kind of play that is considered an easy, routine play but the player misses it, hitting the ball into the net or outside the court. That is, it occurs more by demerit of the player himself than by merit of his opponent. Sometimes the classification of an error as unforced error is subjective.

Unforced error situations

– The player fails to return a slow, easy second serve;
– The player fails to hit the ball into the opponent court when a ball comes near his body and it wasn’t hit hard;
– Missed volley when the ball comes floating over the net;
– Missed smash when the ball doesn’t come far from the net;
– Double fault.