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Sometimes during a tennis match, there are some plays or interferences that make the point to be played again. When it happens, the umpire calls for “let”. But what does it mean? What’s a let? Let’s find out!


When a player is serving, a let is called when:
– The ball touches the net or band and falls into the opponent service box;
– The service is taken before the opponent is ready.

In both cases the player must repeat the current serve. This means that if a let is called on a first serve, the player has the right to serve it again. If it happens during the second serve, he/she will repeat the second serve.

During a rally

When the ball is in play during a rally, a let is called when:
– A ball falls from the pocket of one of the players. (If the same player drops the ball again during a rally during the match, he/she will automatically lose the point);
– The ball loses its pressure;
– Something or someone that is not part of the match enters the court (piece of paper, cups and glasses, ball coming from another court, animals etc.).

In these cases the point shall be restarted and played again. This means that the player serving will repeat the first serve regardless of the situation.