Can the players block a serve in volleyball?

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Every point begins with a serve in volleyball. The server must hit the ball on a single movement and try to make it go over the net. But are the opponents allowed to directly block it? Can they simply jump and hit the ball back? It’s time to check it!

The receiving team can’t block or attack the serve

Basically, the answer to the question “can a player block a serve in volleyball?” is NO, the players on the receiving team are not allowed to directy block an opponent’s service. According to the FIVB official rules, no player is allowed to attack or block a serve when the ball still is entirely above the top of the net.

In this case, the receiving team has two possibilities:
– Set up the ball before attacking; OR
– Complete an attack hit directly if the ball isn’t above the top of the net.

What happens if a player block a serve?

If a player blocks (hits the ball above the net height) an opponent’s serve, he/she commits a fault. As a result, the serving team is automatically awarded the point and continues to serve.