Can a player score from a throw-in in basketball?

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When a player touches the ball and it goes out-of-bounds, the opponent receives the ball possession and one of its players is entitled the throw-in. It shall be taken at the spot that the ball left the court. The player may pass the ball to any teammate. But is he allowed to throw the ball to the basket and score directly from a throw-in? Let’s discover!

The shot is legal, but you can’t score

There’s no rule that prevents the player to take a throw-in towards the basket. However, if he/she does score, the play is considered invalid and the opponent is awarded a throw-in at the same spot the ball was released. Bottom line: you CAN’T score from a throw-in.

There’s another situation though. If the player taking the throw-in puts the ball in play and it deflects in an opponent, gains height and goes through the basket, the play shall be considered valid. The rule provides that a team can score points if the ball touches any other player that’s not the throw-in taker immediately after he/she releases the ball.